“Breath, smile, relax”

→ Coaching

Did you just pass your AFF and need a coach who really puts energy and effort to bring your skydiving to the next level? We are here not only to help you progress in your skydiving career but to make you also smile while doing it!

→ Skydive videos and photos

Do you want videos and photos but you don’t have 200 jumps to wear a camera? We will capture your skydiving journey- just says cheese!

Ready, setti, spaghetti!

Exit order: Safety 1st, Los Petardos 2nd
Dive plan: always… Front to back!

How we were born for this?

Do you want to start skydiving or you already have some jumps in your pocket?

There is no better place than Skydive Atmosfera. Outstanding professionals and amazing friends who will support you and help you out with everything you need:
⦁ Want Tandem? – sure
⦁ Or you got some balls for AFF? – sure
⦁ Coaching, licenses, camera flying
⦁ Need gear? just tell: want to rent? or you need some help with buying your own?
⦁ Theory, safety, knowlage exchange… all your questions and curiosity – solved!
⦁ Logistics, accomodation and incredible food!
⦁ Not enough? – go for balloon jump! Fuc*! it’s awesome!

they are always there for us

Raised by Skydive Atmosfera

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